HNU Organized Community Recruitment Activities
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In order to enrich the cultural life of the campus and promote the development of the association, from October 17th to 19th, the student association of our school played the Hundred Regiments Battle on Zhengxue Road and Mingde South Road, and carried out a variety of community-specific activities and community recruitment activities. President Chang Junbiao, deputy secretary of the school party committee Chen Guangwen, the Standing Committee of the school party committee, vice president Li Xuezhi, Yue Jieyong came to the scene to guide the community work.

On the morning of the 17th, Chang Junbiao went to the Karate Association, the Youth Self-Strengthening Society and the Dancing New Hope Xinjiang Dance Association to learn about the cultural connotation, organization and brand activities of the association, and affirmed and encouraged the development of the association. In the dance of the new Xinjiang Dance Association, Chang Junbiao has deep communication with members of the community. He is very concerned about the living conditions of minority students in the Henan Normal University and understands the situation of recruiting new clubs. He hopes that the Xinjiang Dance Association can further develop the advantages of the community and hold more features. Activities play a full role in promoting the exchange of national culture.

Chen Guangwen, Li Xuezhi, and Yue Jieyong successively understood the development of the associations before the booths of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, the College Students' Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Camp, and so on. They carefully asked about the recruitment of the associations and provided guidance on the development ideas and directions of the associations.

The five major categories of recruiting new sites attract students to participate through a variety of forms, such as exquisite and novel booth layout, wonderful live performances and unique manual models. In order to increase the propaganda of the association and enhance the influence of the association, the School Student Association will set up a stage for the club performance in the southwest corner of the restaurant and the school training stone square. The prestige lion dance performance and the humorous and rigorous drama French side bus,The vigorous and powerful Taekwondo 10th-level hurricane and the mysterious magical Phantom of the Mirage and other programs are wonderful and fascinating. In addition, in order to ensure the orderly conduct of recruiting activities and safeguard the vital interests of students, the School Student Association has set up a new enquiry point, arranges on-duty personnel to answer questions for students, and conduct regular patrols to ensure safe and orderly activities.