Henan Normal University held the fifty-seventh sports meeting
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On the morning of October 17, the opening ceremony of the 57th sports meeting of our school was held in the plastic track field of the west district. President Chang Junbiao, deputy party secretary of the university, trade union President Zang Zhenchun, deputy party secretary Chen Guangwen, the party standing committee, vice President Li Xuezhi, Li Xueshan, Ma Zhijun, Yue Jieyong, Liu Yufang attended the opening ceremony. The principal of each college and all the members of the organizing committee of the games sit on the rostrum. The opening ceremony was presided over by Li Xuezhi.

In the sonorous and powerful march of the games, the national flag guard, the school flag team, the judge team and each school, each unit team marched in orderly and uniform step. Their slogan is loud and vigorous, showing our teachers and students energetic and aggressive spirit.

Li Xuezhi declared the opening ceremony of the 57th sports meeting of our school officially started. In the solemn national song, the five-star red flag raised, the school flag and the sports meet flag followed by the school song raised in turn.

Chang Junbiao delivered the opening speech. He pointed out that sports work was an important part of national education policy, was also an important gripper, schools adhere to moral education, schools fully implement the national education policy, strengthen the physical education work, actively promote the depth of the fusion mass sports and competitive sports, the national fitness concept already thorough popular feeling, widespread popularization, great progress in competitive sports development, outstanding achievements. Chang junbiao said that sports represents youth, health and vitality. Volunteers should observe discipline and serve enthusiastically. The referee shall fulfill his duties and adjudicate impartially. Athletes should be strong, confident, hard work, performance, level and style; It was hoped that the whole school should take this sports meeting as an opportunity to promote the development and progress of the school's sports undertakings, integrate better, faster and stronger sports spirit into the daily study and work, and create a good working atmosphere for the review and evaluation of our school.

In the cultural and sports performance, the school union staff and the sports school brought the drama broadcast gymnastics, taekwondo teaching demonstration, sports Latin dance which are all characteristic, so as to won the audience at the scene bursts of applause.

After the opening ceremony, the games started.

On the afternoon of October 19, the closing ceremony of the 57th sports meeting of our school was held at the plastic track field in the west district. Li Xuezhi, standing committee member and vice President of the university, attended the closing ceremony and delivered a speech. Li Jun, chief judge of the games and Wang Hongwei, director of the student affairs department announced the results of each competition respectively.

The top six students in the general department were business school, school of physics and materials science, school of chemistry and chemical engineering, education college, school of foreign languages, school of mathematics and information science. The top three students in the total score of the sports department are the sports training major of grade 2018, the sports training major of grade 2017 and the sports education major of grade 2017. Organ one, school of physics and material science, dance academy of music and other eight units won the staff fun games two-person three-leg relay award. The first union, education college, business school and other eight units won the sports tyre prize. In addition, the games also selected the moral style award.